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Tigertops Brewery was originally started in September 1985 by Stewart and Lynda Johnson, now of the Foxfield Brewery in Cumbria. Initially, brewing was undertaken part time on a one-barrel plant in an outhouse, but within a year the plant was expanded to three barrels.

Nowadays, brewing is under the control of Barry Smith (pictured) known to many as "Axeman", due to his day job cutting trees and grass around verges and graveyards for Wakefield Council.

Barry enjoys experimenting with continental recipes and continental yeasts. The fermentation process fascinates Barry. He can culture a yeast from a small quantity of sediment in a bottle and one can be assured that anything he describes as a Lager won’t just be in the style of a Lager but will have been genuinely bottom-fermented for weeks.

Tigertops Brewery has been described as "perhaps the nearest thing to a Brasserie Artisanale you’re likely to find over here" and Head Brewer Barry loves to experiment with new flavours.

Barry Smith, Head Brewer, Tigertops Brewery, Wakefield, West Yorkshire
Barry Smith, brewer at Tigertops Brewery, Wakefield

A word from the brewer:

Hi there,

I am Barry Smith, the brewer at Tigertops Brewery. I enjoy brewing many different styles of beers from around the world, be it a Pilsner or a West Coast IPA, an English Mild, a Stout or a Porter. I always like to try new and different hops.

Yes, I have to be considered a proper "Hop Head", because my favourite style of beer would be a proper American West Coast IPA - The sort of beers brewed by Beachwood Brewing in Long Beach, California

For me, brewing is a passion. I hope you enjoy drinking my beers as much as I enjoy brewing them.


At Tigertops Brewery we love to brew different beers as the mood takes us, and often do one-off never-to-be-repeated brews so we don't have a core range of beers as such. Below is some information on some of our popular beers.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page where we will post details of what we are brewing, or get in touch if you'd like to discuss anything beer related.

Dark Wheat Mild by Tigertops Brewery, Wakefield
Little Abbey by Tigertops Brewery, Wakefield
Blanche de Newland Wheat Beer by Tigertops Brewery, Wakefield
Cook's Cove Golden IPA by Tigertops Brewery, Wakefield
Class 2 CV by Tigertops Brewery, Wakefield
Union Pacific Golden IPA by Tigertops Brewery, Wakefield
Night Boat black Porter by Tigertops Brewery, Wakefield

Tigertops Brewery have brewed a number of award winning beers over the years. Here is a selection of some of our award certificates – hopefully we'll be adding to them over time.

Axeman's Block by Tigertops Brewery Leeds CAMRA Festival award Blanche de Newland II by Tigertops Brewery Cockermouth Beer Festival award Just Jane by Tigertops Brewery Woking Beer Festival award Big Ginger by Tigertops Brewery Huddersfield Oktoberfest award
Whitemax by Tigertops Brewery SIBA Wheat Beer Challenge award Blanche de Newland by Tigertops Brewery SIBA Wheat Beer Challenge award Hop Goblin by Tigertops Brewery Spring Beer Festival Amsterdam award
Black Hop by Tigertops Brewery Sheffield Steel City Beer Festival award Union Pacific by Tigertops Brewery York Beer and Cider Festival award Class 2 CV by Tigertops Brewery York Beer and Cider Festival award Night Boat by Tigertops Brewery Woodfest 2017 award

Tigertops Brewery

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West Yorkshire


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